I'm a 14 year old gymnast but I have a concussion currently and I feel almost useless I'm not aloud to do any gymnastics and it's been 5 months so far I'm aloud when my head gets better but it's taking so long to heel I've gone back early twice and hurt myself more I just can't stay away from the gym it's like my home I have my family there I have my playground but I take it really seriously and I can't stand it any coping methods ? Please

Firstly, let me say that concussions are super serious even if it’s hard to believe and you should take the time off to heal because you don’t want permanent brain damage.  Your brain and your health are important. 

As for coping methods, if you’re allowed to condition I’d visit the gym and do that just to keep in shape and hang out with teammates.  Don’t do any conditioning that can harm you further.  You can also visit the gym and hang out for a bit or plan an outing with your teammates before school starts back up and things get hectic again.  

If you allow yourself to heal fully, your return to the sport will be better and longer lasting.  Keeping yourself immersed in the gymnastics world is a double-edged sword because it gives you a way to get your gymnastics fill but it also leaves you longing.  Try preoccupying yourself with other things as well for the time being!

Just take it slow (even though you may not want to) and know that if you let yourself heal everything will be better in the long run. 

I have my first competion in January, and im REALLY nervous. Any advice?

It’s good to have some nerves about competition and lord knows I still get nervous.  Just remember all the work you’ve put into your routines and know that you are ready.  Then, enjoy yourself! If you get super nervous before you have to compete visualize yourself doing your routines, keep yourself moving and limber, and take a few deep breaths.  

After you salute, your body kicks into automode and you don’t really think about much. 

I feel really bad. I'm a fat gymnast. I condition just like everyone else and I run at home. I can do gymnastics perfectly fine without any problems. My problem is that I'm fat. It just doesn't feel right that i do gymnastics. But sure i have no problem doing it. It's just more about how I look that bothers me :/

I know I haven’t been answering questions, but I had to answer this one because it’s important to me. 

First of all, I want to address this: “My problem is that I’m fat. It just doesn’t feel right that i do gymnastics.”  If you love gymnastics then how you look doesn’t matter.  Just because you aren’t a skinny, lean-muscled gymnast doesn’t mean you’re fat. In fact, I was never a lean gymnast.  I was all raw power.  I have bigger thighs, larger shoulders, bigger arms, and I also have an ass that just won’t quit.  I used to be insecure in the gym too because I wasn’t short and tiny like a lot of the other girls, but if I was I wouldn’t have excelled at the things I loved doing.  I was a vaulter and I loved swinging bars.  My more muscley physique helped me become a great gymnast on those events, and I honed my skills with the help of my larger muscles.  While I was never the most graceful dancer, and my leaps were less than pretty, I could throw huge vaults the other girls couldn’t do.  I’m talking handspring fronts and easily thrown tsuck lays. Don’t ever say that because your “fat” it doesn’t feel right to do gymnastics! Do you love it? If the answers yes, then that’s all that matters. 

Secondly, I want to address the idea that you’re a “fat gymnast”.  Stop right there. Who even says you’re fat? Is it because you put yourself on the scale and your weight wasn’t where you wanted it to be? I have an answer for that: your muscles weighs a hella lot more than your fat weighs, so the number of the scale doesn’t even represent your true fitness. Do you feel fat because you look around and the other girls are leaner than you? Wrong. I just explained if you have more muscle packed on, it’s not because your fat.  Everyone’s body develops different when they put on muscle.  Don’t compare your body in the gym to another girl, especially if they’re a different age from you, which leads me into my next point. 

At every gymnasts career, if they stick with the sport long enough, they hit puberty and suddenly everything changes.  You become a women and you do put some HEALTHY fat onto your hips and stomach and boobs (if you’re lucky), and you feel like it throws everything off and suddenly things are different because you look down and don’t see a stick thin body you once had.  It’s because you’ve matured into a woman and you should never be ashamed of that extra pudge around your hips.  It’s so you can carry a human inside you! You need it! Yes, your gymnastics will have to adjust and sometimes the puberty fairy hits others more or less than you, but don’t let this discourage you from doing gymnastics. 

From the sounds of it, you’re a really fit girl (I’m going to assume because of the nature of this question) who can condition and who runs and who tries her best to stay fit.  Don’t let your teammates, or coaches, or parents tell you or make you feel any differently about your ability or love for gymnastics. If someone says something, fuck them. Go show them how wrong they ever were to even open their mouth. Take advantage of the body you have in gymnastics.  Use it to make you a great gymnast because everyone has their specialty based off their body and what they are capable of.  I think you just need to find yours and become the best at it.  Then you won’t even have the notion that it doesn’t feel right to do gymnastics. 

Hope this helps. Sending lots of love your way! Let me know if you need to talk anymore. 

Hey. I was just wondering what event you specialized in while you were competing? I was best at the bars. Unfornuately, completely broke my shoulder and I'm done

When I was younger I was an all-around gymnast.  We weren’t allowed to specialize.  In college, I did specialize in bars, floor, and vault - but I broke my ankle like 3 weeks ago, so I’ll most likely stick to bars for a while and if I feel adventurous I’ll try vault again.  We’ll see.

Do you have any tips on aerials? I've been taking recreational classes for 2yrs ! Next september im doing competitve workshop! Whenever i do it im scared i will hit my faceee ! so i always put my hands down...! Do you have any tips on like how to not ... like maybe structure in aerial to get over faster .. or sum ? idkk.

Check out my advice page! There should be an answer there.

so i did gymnastics about 2 yrs ago and stopped because of club volleyball. i stared again for about a year and again..had to stop for volleyball. vball is over and I'm in love with gymnastics. although I'm not super good I'm 14 and i really want to do gymnastics again. i know i can't be on a team or anything but i really wish i could. The closeted thing i have to gymnastics is taking classes. I want more and idk what to do. I wish i was an elite gymnast!

That’s super great you love gymnastics! Keep trying to take classes when you can and having fun.  If you really do love it, when you go to college check your university to see if they have a club team! Many schools do, and it’s usually a relaxed, fun environment of people (some beginners and some advanced) who love doing gymnastics too.