Just a note: If you don’t see your submission after a while, it’s most likely because I’ve already done a It’s a gymnastics thing similar to or exactly like the one you’ve submitted a while ago! 

A thank you and an apology

First off I want to thank all my new followers for following and all my old followers for continuing to follow me and being patient with me while I dealt with some personal things that took me away from this blog.  I also want to apologize to everyone for not maintaining this blog because I know so many of you love it. Now that I’ve gotten some things taken care of, I hope that I can start posting consistently on this blog again. 

If you’ve submitted ideas for me to use for my posts or if you’ve submitted questions about gymnastics, give me a bit of time to get through them.  I’m going to answer one a day, as to not clog up everyone’s dash, but know that I will get to yours eventually. 

For everyone that sent in how much they loved and missed this blog being active, thank you so much! I really am sorry to have been gone so long, but know that your messages made me want to get back to this blog as soon as I could. 

With the olympics coming up, I know everyone is getting excited to see who will be selected after trials and how those girls and guys will do.  I know I am.  So get ready because I’m back and ready to get this thing going again! 

Sorry guys, school decided to dump a whole bunch of stuff on me to do these past few weeks, so as an apology / to make up for lost time, get ready for a whole lot of new ‘It’s a gymnastics thing’ posts coming your way!

Hey everybody!

Submit your ideas about why you love or hate gymnastics! I still have great ideas I’m going to start posting after I recover from my wisdom teeth surgery, but I want to see what everybody else has to say! :)


I know I’ve been MIA lately, but I haven’t gone completely.  I just took a trip with some friends to the beach, and just got back.  I’ll start posting again tomorrow when I’m not so tired and I have time to think of more ideas. :)

I accidentally deleted the message that helped me come up with Number 23 24, so if you were the one to message me about being proud of your rips, please send me another message and I’ll credit you for the idea.

New theme!

Hey guys, I’ve changed the theme and to get to my ask box or to submit an idea you need to click on the title of the blog. Just thought I’d let people know since it’s sorta confusing.

A note on submissions

When someone submits an idea, I’ll create a click-through link to their tumblr and tag it as a submitted idea.

If you have any ideas, please please feel free to submit them :) I’d love to see what everybody loves about gymnastics or something that all gymnasts can relate to.